Stormwater Sleuths

The Tread Lightly Charitable Trust is excited to be continuing our citizen science project Stormwater Sleuths in 2022, proudly supported by Auckland Council, SouthSci Comet and Curious Minds.
Stormwater Sleuths is a comprehensive and facilitated educational programme, designed to enable students from 15 selected schools across Auckland to lead a citizen science project to understand the type and amount of gross pollutants and organic matter that enters the stormwater system through catchpits (stormwater drains) located in school grounds.

Student learning will be extended through the data analysis in the classroom to understand where the pollutants are coming from, the effect the pollutants have on our waterways and what can be done to address the issue. 10 schools will also have the opportunity for classes to participate in water monitoring field trips for students to further learn about the effects of water pollution in their local waterways.

Stormwater Sleuths is a year- long project to be delivered in a school year, with the aim of answering the key question: “Is our school community contributing to stormwater pollution in our local catchment?”

Programme components

  • Emptying the trap

    On a regular basis students empty the trap to understand the type and amount of gross pollutants caught

  • Auditing the litter

    Students record what litter/gross pollutants are caught in the LittaTrap.

  • Present Findings

    Students as a class exercise are encouraged to present the findings and their recommendations for actions for reducing litter and debris entering the stormwater system

  • Auckland Council - Healthy Waters
  • Curious Minds
  • SouthSci

With thanks to our major supporters in 2022 for the Stormwater Sleuths programme:

  • Auckland Council Healthy Waters
  • SouthSci
  • Curious Minds